Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I delete student Name?

Answer: First click Settings button. On the sub menu select Specific Fess Settings. Then Select the Student Name to be deleted, then click Delete button at the top

Q2. I made a mistake when recording fees. How can I change it?

Answer: Any changes regarding any receipt or payment transaction can only be cancelled. It can not be altered or changed. To cancel the receipt number, Click Administrative button then on a sub menu select Cancel Transaction. Then select Regular Fees radio button Enter receipt number and click Cancel button. You will get a confirmation that the record has been cancelled.

Q3. I erroneously selected a wrong guardian name during admission process. How can I change it?

Answer: Select Administrative button. On the sub menu select Guardian Information. Select the correct guardian name and then select the child's name on the right. Click Add button to associate the child with the guardian. You can achieve the same results by selecting Student Information on the side menu then select the desired student and somewhere at the bottom there is a guardian selection box. Select the correct name and then click Commit to Change button at the top

Q4. How can I enter student photo?

Answer: Student Photos can only be added or changed at the Server Computer. Click Administrative button then on a sub menu Select Student Information. Select desired Student. Click Change Picture button below the photo frame. Another window will pop up with a picture or portrait. If you hover your cursor over the picture or portrait, a camera and a folder images will appear. Click camera if you want to grab picture from your webcam (if attached) or click the folder to open folders of your computer. You will have to navigate to the folder holding student photos. Simply select the picture and then click Save button. Finally click Commit Changes button. The student photo will appear on the photo window .

Q5. I have moved the whole class to a new class using group move, but there are two students whom are required to repeat. How do I move them back?

Answer: Click Academic button. On the sub menu select Enrollment. Select current year then on the left window select the class of the two student required to repeat. On the right window Select the class you wish to move them. Then on the left window select the names (one by one) and then click the Arrow pointing to the right (button) to move the student to the right window. Accept action when prompted.

Q6. I have mistakenly move a student to “Those who left School” list. How can I reverse my action?

Answer: Go to the same page. I.e. Settings then Specific Fees Settings then select the student and on Status field select first Radio button "In School" then click Commit changes button

Q7. When receiving regular fees, I realized the fees due for the student I selected are not correct. What went wrong?

Answer: The problem would be in the fees structure (or profile) assigned to that student. To correct the problem, Click Settings button. On the side menu select Specific Fees Settings. Then select the student name and Change the Fees Profile. Then click Commit Changes button.

Q8. When posting student scores, I see the default value is zero. How do we deal with students who are not required to do a particular subject?

Answer: A score of zero will be ignored by the system and will be treated as not required to attend. If the student actualy got zero marks, then you will be required to give a very small score (say 1% of the maximum possible marks) so that the system will count as a subject required to attend, yet the score is as good as zero.

Q9. A guardian comes with a receipt showing that a specified fee has been paid, yet the receipt number does not show in the fees statement. What is happening?

Answer: The receipt must have been cancelled after being printed and issued; but was not retracted from the guardian. To verify, click Financial button on a sub menu select Receive Fees. Click Find Receipt button to open another window. Enter the receipt number and click Search button the receipt appear, click View button; If the receipt was cancelled, the word “CANCELLED” (in red) will be stamped near the top of the receipt.

Q10. I made a mistake while recording student scores. How can I correct the mistake?

Answer: Just go back to the same page. Click Academic button then on a sub menu select Record Scores. Then click Edit Saved Record button. Then select Class, Exam and Subject Name using drop-down menu. Click Show button ad saved record. Make necessary correction and save again. Please note, you will not be able to edit or make any correction if you were not the one who saved the earlier entered scores record.

Q11. The person who recorded student score is not around and I need to correct some entries. What should I do?

Answer: Let System administrator reset the password of that person. Then log in using the name of that person and enter default password of 123. Make necessary changes and save.

Q12. While filling admission form, the system reports the admission number entered is already used by another student. Who is this student?

Answer: You can use search tool at the top to search using any criteria. Click the Search button on a search tool. On the Filter the field drop down box, select “Adm#” criteria then enter in the next box the admission number you wish to search. As you type, the student’s name using that admission number will be on top of the list. If the student name does not show on the search tool, then the name will be either in the “Those who left” list or “Those who graduated” list. Please note, the system reserves the admission number while the student name is in either of these lists. To remove the name completely and recover the admission number, you need to delete them using procedure explained in Q1 above.

Q13. There seems to be duplicate guardian names in the guardian list. How can I remove the duplicate?

Answer: Click Administrative button, then on a sub menu select Guardian Information. Select the duplicate name and ensure no student name is associated to that name. Then click Purge button and accept deletion.

Q14. Is it possible to get a list of all students on a same fee structure?

Answer: Yes it is possible. Launch a report tool and log in. Then select Financial Reports. Financial report page will open. Then select Fees Profile by Class. A Class list will appear on the right. Select a class and click View and Print button.

Q15. This morning when I started the software, I was greeted with the message “The Software is not registered”. What do I do?

Answer: For a trial installation (i.e. not yet registered), three things could have happened:

The first problem, if not manually altered, suggest virus activity present in your computer. You need to install and or update your anti-virus software and thoroughly scan your computer. For the second problem, if you noticed the system date has changed on its own to a date of the past, the CMOS battery (that powers the CMOS memory) is faulty and should be replaced. For the last problem, please refer to page 55 on the user manual for a fix.

Q16. I need to add another workstation. How do I do that?

Answer: The licensing information you received after paying registration fee will stipulates the number of installation you can install. If you wish to add any extra installation, additional fee will be come due. Please contact us or our agents for directions.

Q17. Is there an annual renewal fee after paying for registration fee?

Answer: There is no renewal fee. You paid for a perpetual (continuous) license that will remain valid for ever.

Q18. What about updates. Will I be required to pay for any future updates?

Answer: Updates on the main version will be forever free. That means all updates beginning with v2 (e.g. v2.1, 2.5, 2.9, 2.15 etc) will be free. Those beginning with v3 will attract a reasonable upgrade fee because v3 (which is coming out soon) will be essentially a different product with similar but more enhanced functionalities.

Q19. Can my copy be customized?

Answer: Yes we do customization on reports generated by Reports tool. If you need any customisation, please email us and give us all the details (including the formulas if applicable) that will be required on your reports. We will then send you approximate duration to complete and the cost for the work. 50 % of the cost must be paid in advance

Q20. How can I back-up my data?

Answer: Whenever you exit the software on the Server computer, a back up is created on the folder specified on your settings page. You can change the back up location to either a folder in your external drive or folder in another computer on your network. Consider also using cloud or FTP back up. There are a number of free cloud storage services out there that you can use to back up your data. Our agents can assist you in setting up a cloud or FTP back up.

Q21. How do I move the current year students to the next year?

Answer: Please download this pdf document for a detailed explanation