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Fees Management and Reporting

Provides seamless integration of the school's financial records with student’s data. Generate reports for all receipts accounts between any desired dates. The reports will show summaries for every class, receiving account and currency transacted. Generate expected fee revenue, fees collection and fee balance for every student in current academic year

Expenditure Management and Reporting

Create unlimited expenditure accounts and budget allocation with ease. Generate reports for all payments. Get expenditure reports between any desired dates and get the balance whenever you make any payments against any expenditure account.

Academic Performance and Reporting

Generate exam reports and exam mark list immediately scores are entered. The reports will reflect class and stream position of every student. The exam report will also show average score and subject position of all subjects attempted.

Library Management

Integrates a library management module. Makes it easy to manage your school library. School manager or librarian can instantly know who has borrowed which book and when. All the books available by title, categories, authors and publishers. all people (students and staff) who have borrowed any particular book and the duration they kept.

Inventory Management for School Shop or Canteen

Integrates shop module to manage products for sale such as uniform and stationary. Keep track of your inventory and will report profit made over any desired period

SMS Notification

Send SMS messages to parents and staff members to inform them about meetings or coming events. Send fees balance due and exam reports to every parent / guardian automatically (at a click of a button), whenever desired.

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